Photographer Daniel Ranalli Spends Two Decades Capturing Snail Trails

“Spiral #9” (1996)


Massachusetts-based photographer Daniel Ranalli has spent more than 20 years on his “Snail Drawings,” a series which consists of one image of neatly configured snails and a second image of the unique patterns made when the snails were left to their own devices.

While a simple enough concept, Ranalli sees the project as a reflection of the inherent randomness of life and our inability to control the results or elements of a situation no matter how hard we might try! See more of Ranalli’s work below or on display at Classic Photographs Los Angeles January 21-22.


“Circle #2” (2007)



“Cross #2” (2008)



“Double Line #2” (2007)



“Diminishing Line” (2013)



“Infinity” (2013)



“Long Rectangle” (1999)



“Rock Vein #2” (2013)



“Stick Square” (2013)



“Stone Surrounded” (2014)



Daniel Ranalli’s Website

Classic Photographs Los Angeles

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