The Opposition Book

Writer/photographer Juliann McCandless is currently working on a book called Opposition which features conversations with creative women and femmes within the fashion, visual art and music industries. She hopes the book will inspire people to create positive change and equality in their communities, no matter which part of the world they are in.

We asked her what it means to be a creative woman while Trump is president?

“I think that creative people are super important at this time because there is such a strong correlation between art, creativity and social change. If you look back throughout history, art, music, etc were such a big part of social movements. As a creative, I feel it’s my responsibility to use my work to stand up for social justice, against inequality and to help educate people as best I can. Especially during a Trump administration when so many sectors of people are being oppressed, people of color, women, LGBTQA+ people, low income people, etc. I want to encourage anyone who cares about these issues to engage and help to make progressive change.”


There’s an Opposition Book Fundraiser tonight at the Ace Hotel DTLA and all proceeds from the event will be used for the making of the book. You can also check out Juliann’s GoFundMe page HERE.


Juliann McCandless

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