Photographer Spotlight: Alison McCauley

Photographer Alison McCauley began shooting “anywhere but here” in 2008, and slowly over the years it became her main focus. McCauley says:

“The images attempt to express the restless feeling that the place I’m in isn’t where I should be and that the next location will be better. As someone who has always moved around, I am very interested in the idea of belonging to a country or a community. This is a feeling that I’ve never had and, although I feel like I’m supposed to belong somewhere, I don’t want to. If I had this feeling of belonging, I wouldn’t have a reason to keep wondering about it. The geographical and temporal reference points in the photographs are blurred because the work isn’t about the location or time, but about a state-of-mind. There’s no real beginning and I don’t think there will be an end. The work comes from reality, but it’s a reality that’s distorted by subjectivity. It’s an expression of my state of mind during these restless off-moments.”

She is currently based in Singapore. See a selection of images from the on-going series below.




































Alison McCauley’s Website

Alison McCauley on Instagram


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