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iOS AR App of the Day: Weird Type Lets You Draw Typography in Space

Zach Lieberman and his partner Molmol Kuo make work together under the name YesYesNo, a collective that specializes “in the creation of engaging, magical installations that combine creativity, artistic vision and cutting edge R&D.” This past year, the two were focused on exploring artistic ways to use augmented reality (AR) and the fruits of their labor is a fantastic little AR app called, Weird Type.

One of the many experiments that led to Weird Type involved creating drawing tools to play around with recorded sound.


The more experiments they shared on Instagram, the more people would ask about the possibility of an app.  The wheels were finally put in motion when Design Indaba Festival asked Zach about the possibility of having him create something for their event. They literally said, “What have you not made yet that we can help you make?”

Lieberman and Kuo teamed up with type foundry, Abc Dinamo, designer Richard The and some other iOS developers to make an app that allows users to simply and freely play with type in a really unique way. There are several different modes that give you the ability to draw with ribbons of text, explode words and walk around them, and you can even take pictures using letters.

Lieberman says, “It’s really heart warming to see people experimenting with the app and having the same kind of fun we’ve had working with AR this year.”

Below are a few examples of what people are creating with it. We played around with the app this past week and it was a total blast.




You can (and should) download Weird Type here.

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