Artist Spotlight: Kelly Blevins

A selection of drawings by artist Kelly Blevins, who uses a cross-hatch method and doesn’t use blending tools. She says “I like to get intimate with the detail. It allows me to escape, think and analyze life. I hope to one day work on a drawing so big it would take me two years to finish. A long meditative state, basically.” See more drawings below.

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“Constant State of Flight”
charcoal on paper
22in x 30in



“A New Perspective”
charcoal on paper 36in x 48in



(Work in Progress) “Lionfish”
charcoal on paper
36in x 48in
(Work in Progress) "Portrait of Jeff"
charcoal on paper
60in x 80in
“A Quiet Descent”
charcoal on paper
36in x 48in



charcoal on paper
60in x 92in

Kelly Blevins on Instagram

Kelly Blevins’ Website


Kelly Blevins is represented by Mark Jones, of the Art of Treason Gallery

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