POW! WOW! Japan 2018: Event Recap

A couple weeks ago I was out at POW! WOW! Japan, which was quite a different experience than most of the other POW! WOW! festivals in that it was a road trip format. Instead of staying and painting in one city, we all travelled together to a couple different cities, starting in Osaka, then to Okayama (where we lived in a temple), before closing out the trip in Kobe.

The invited artists were Kevin Lyons, Brendan Monroe, Evah Fan, Jet Martinez, Sam Rodriguez (and his wife Bu), Kami & Sasu, Kamea Hadar, and Jeff Gress. We cooked together, we ate together, we slept in one giant room together, everything was family-style.

Here are some photos from the trip! It was an unforgettable experience! The image above was shot by Jasper Wong, and there are a few others by him and Brandon Shigeta. All uncredited photos below were shot by me.

Saidaiji temple priest
Evah Fan
Brendan Monroe
Sam Rodriguez
Jet Martinez
Jeff Gress
Kamea Hadar
Kevin Lyons
Kevin Lyons
Evah Fan
Jet Martinez
Brendan Monroe
Art by Jeff Gress, photo by Jasper Wong


Art by Jet Martinez, photo by Jasper Wong


Art by Kevin Lyons, photo by Jasper Wong


Art by Sam Rodriguez, photo by Jasper Wong


Art by Brendan Monroe, photo by Jasper Wong


Art by Kamea Hadar, photo by Jasper Wong
POW! WOW! co-lead director, Jasper Wong and family (with Kevin Lyons)
B-boy Kid Karma
Jet Martinez
Mighty Island film crew
My wife Maiko and POW! WOW! Japan director Emily Okamoto
Sam Rodriguez, photo by Brandon Shigeta
Jeff Gress, photo by Brandon Shigeta
Jet Martinez
Brendan Monroe
Brandon Shigeta
Kevin Lyons, photo by Brandon Shigeta
Art by Evah Fan, photo by Brandon Shigeta
Evah Fan, photo by Brandon Shigeta
Kevin Lyons with fan

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