Booooooom TV Best of the Week: Music Videos, Short Films & Animation

A round-up of our favourite videos featured on Booooooom TV. Whether tackling social issues by simply representing people daring to be themselves or overtly confronting global realities we can no longer afford to ignore, this week’s selection includes a slew of artists broadening the scope of our attention in style!

“Knives Down, Bikes Up” by Matt Dempsey

A beautiful response to the epidemic of knife-related crime and violence currently threatening London’s youth. Created as part of Barbican’s The Art Of Change series, director Matt Dempsey sheds light on a humble movement offering young people a positive alternative.

Apre – “Backstreet”

London-based director Amitay Leopold follows a group of friends untrammelled by the conventions of love, relationships and gender roles.

“Planet of plastic” by Robin Günther

A silhouetted figure moves to the sound of devastating truths in this unique visualization by Swedish director Robin Günther.

Justice – “Heavy Metal”

Director Filip Nilsson spotlights the hard work of the Norfolk State University Spartan Legion marching band, both on and off the field, in the latest video for French electronic duo Justice.

This is just some of the wonderful content we’ve featured on Booooooom TV in the past week. If you have films/videos you’d like to submit, head over here.

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