Feedback Club: February

After the success of last month’s Feedback Club we’re doing it again! In case you missed it, our Feedback Club “meets” once a month to give one another feedback on work to help each other improve. It can be tricky to take a step back and see your own work from the point of view of someone else and the goal of this club is to provide some outside perspective and constructive criticism in a safe environment.

If you want feedback on your own work you just have to be willing to give feedback to the other people in the club! The more effort each member puts into giving helpful feedback, the more each member gets out of the experience!

All of our members are welcome to submit an image to the February Feedback Club until February 19th! After we’ve compiled all the submissions we’ll send each participant a link to a feedback form to provide feedback for others. You will have until the end of the month to complete the feedback form.

After all the forms are submitted each member will be emailed a PDF of the feedback written specifically to them from the other members of their group! In order to receive your feedback you must have completed the feedback form before the due date.

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Deadline for submissions is February 19th, 2019


All feedback is kept private but we asked a couple people if we could share their images and some of their feedback so new people could get an idea what it’s like! Photographer Lindsay Elliott shared this image she shot in Morocco, below.

Each member from Lindsay’s feedback group wrote one positive thing about the photo and also one suggestion for improvement. Have a look at the comments below.

As you can see people had different opinions about what was working and what wasn’t and reading through the suggestions for improvement is a great way to force yourself to re-analyze your work. Illustrator Jeremy Leung also joined the January Feedback Club and gave me permission to share the image he submitted as well as his feedback. I also wanna shout out Phil from Less Talk More Illustration who didn’t submit his own work but took part in the last month’s club purely to give others feedback!

Have a look at Jeremy’s illustration below!

Below you can see the feedback Jeremy received from his group members:

Would you like similar feedback on your own work? Hit the link below to join this month’s Feedback Club! Thank you to Lindsay and Jeremy for allowing me to share this little peek into the experience.


*Login in here if you are already member and want to submit your work or become a member here*


Deadline for submissions is February 19th, 2019


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