Call to Submit: Tomorrow’s Talent

We’re excited to announce that we’re working on a new edition of our Tomorrow’s Talent print publication. Unlike the previous ones we published, where we focused on one artist’s work in each, this new one will be slightly bigger, with more pages, featuring 20+ visual artists whose work is exciting us right now. There will be some upcoming print projects focused on photography, this one is focused on art.

Aside from the cover and index pages crediting all the artists, there won’t really be any text, just page after page of inspiring work. In Booooooom’s 11-year history we’ve never really made a printed companion to our site before, so this is going to be special.

We will begin reaching out to visual artists over the next little bit. If you’re a member of our community and would like to be considered for inclusion in this publication, submit work (created within the last year) using the link below! Any members selected for the book will receive a copy of it when we release it.

*Log in to enable the submit button. This form is just for members, you can learn about becoming a member here.


Deadline for submissions: September 20, 2019

Call to Submit: Art & Photo Book Award

If you have a specific series or a cohesive selection of work that you want to turn into a book, we want to see it!

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