“Another Day in Paradise” by Photographer Whitten Sabbatini

Inspired by Carson McCullers’ Southern small town tale, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Jr. Kimbrough’s hazy recordings from North Mississippi, Memphis-based photographer Whitten Sabbatini explores the American South with a poetic grace in “Another Day in Paradise”. Sabbatini self published the series in the spring of 2018 and was nominated for the MACK first Book award.

See more of “Another Day in Paradise” below.

Wish I could tell you how dark it is at night— so you could see it. The kinda dark that shows all the stars, where you can take somebody you like good by the hand and point at them, this is this and that’s that and everything stays the same. And the way the fields move so fast out the window, go on forever. Pass by them everyday, many a times. You see there’s the ditch where Richard Lee drowned. And that doe got hit— been there all winter its mouth open wide.

But I want to hear another story, start at the beginning of time. Out the abundance of the heart the voice speaks, singing the old, old song.

Lord let me sleep by the river— the one I’m used to

Look at me out your one good eye

I want the catfish to kiss me & fifty leven dollar bills

Wake me— we’re all right— mighty fine.

Ashleigh Bryant Phillips

Woodland, North Carolina 2018

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