3 Questions with Photographer David Rothenberg

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This particular image was captured by New York-based photographer David Rothenberg. Here’s a quick little 3 question interview with him:

What can you tell us about this image?

This image is from a series of photographs of airline passengers (and in this case a passenger’s smartphone) in midair, gazing out their windows moments before landing at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. I took this photograph from the Queens neighborhood below the flightpath, using a telephoto lens. The series was the subject of my photobook Landing Lights Park published by @romannvmerals in 2018.

What is a recent epiphany you’ve had?

I promise to share it on instagram in an annoying manner when one finally happens.

Who is inspiring you on Instagram right now?

@ohthattimdavis @elizabethbick @yabliko @miladamirzadehfard all consistently agitate me with their beautiful photographs. @tihngs is a brilliant collection of objects found and sold by the artist @ericoglander.

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