Artist Spotlight: Jean Paul Langlois

A selection of recent work by Vancouver-based artist Jean Paul Langlois (previously featured here). Using Spaghetti Western iconography, characters from Planet of the Apes and imagery from nunsploitation films, Langlois’ latest paintings reimagine stories from his own life including his white upper class mother meeting the indigenous side of his father’s family in Northern Alberta to his grandfather’s time at residential school and eventual sale into indentured servitude. In addition to this focus on family legends, Langlois has also been working on a collection of landscapes based on his time spent in the wilds of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island as well as his own eastward journey:

“Last spring I did a pilgrimage to Northern Alberta to reconnect with family and explore the land where these stories took place. I became enamored with the grand panoramas and massive skies of the Canadian prairies. This inspired a series of paintings lacking all content except land and sky.”

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Jean Paul Langlois’s Website

Jean Paul Langlois on Instagram

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