Artist Spotlight: Amanda Baldwin

A selection of paintings by Seattle-born, New York City-based artist Amanda Baldwin. Baldwin describes her process as riding the line between order and discombobulation through use of colour, arrangement, scale, transparency, pattern, perspective, flatness and depth. As she explains further:

“At first glance the paintings may seem straightforward and literal but examining them closer will show signs of subtle disintegration of those assumed realities. Varied degrees of representation and rendering allow me to focus on specific ideas projected onto everyday objects and vessels. Mundane and inanimate items like fruit can take on anthropomorphic qualities by zooming in and blowing up certain attributes. Overall the paintings can be both familiar and uncanny, a sort of déjà vu. Still-life painting is a constant reformulation and reflection of society. I hope to augment and add to that ever evolving narrative.”

Check out more of Baldwin’s work below!

































Amanda Baldwin’s Website

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