Lifeboat: Support Photographers Affected by COVID-19

I don’t have to tell you that times are weird and scary right now. Uncertainties abound, and work is scarce—especially so for freelancers and artists. Yet at the same time, there seems to be a renewed global appreciation for the arts, as we come to recognize that, in many ways, our sanity depends on their existence. Photographer Jake Naughton saw a need and stepped up to fill it—working quickly to create Lifeboat: a platform to connect photographers with those who want to support their work.

“Photographers are cultural storytellers, artists who teach us to look more closely at our world. They travel to the far corners of the globe to report important news, or find poetic moments within their own communities”, explains Naughton. “Leading photographers from areas hit hardest by the virus and all over the globe, including Italy, France, India, Egypt and more, are offering archival prints and limited edition books available for purchase.”

Set up in the simplest terms possible for artist and buyer, those interested can browse the galleries of archival prints and limited edition artist books, communicating directly with the photographers when ready to purchase.

If we each do what we can to support each other (from afar!), we can help ensure that we come out of this with an intact and thriving arts community.

Check out some of Lifeboat’s available prints below!

Cayce Clifford
Jake Naughton
Kate Warren
Elisabeth Ubbe
Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock
Juan Diego Reyes
Delphine Blast
Irina Unruh

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