“Plein Soleil” by Photographer Anaïs Boileau

French photographer Anaïs Boileau photographs the sunbathers of France’s southern coast in her series “Plein Soleil”. Pictured alongside images of brightly-colored coastal architecture, the women—including Boileau’s own mother—present almost as eccentric sculptures, blending into the scenery.

Existing in the liminal space between documentary and fiction, Boileau’s images find humor and tenderness in these otherworldly scenes. She describes the element of artificiality that intrigues her:

“Lost behind sunglasses, accessories, women are distant and pensive, as absorbed by the sun. . .The idea that they put forward, they refine and polish their bodies but also in the idea that all this is just a world of appearance.”

See more from “Plein Soleil” below!

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