“Inside Journal” by Geoff Levy

One of our members, New York City-based photographer, Geoff Levy, introduced us to a new interactive resource aimed at promoting mental wellness in this era of physical distancing. Inside Journal encourages participants to share intimate thoughts and reflections through their communal journaling platform. The project is meant to not only help you express your own traumas and anxieties but to draw points of connection between different COVID experiences — an archive which already includes over 100 entries from 8 different countries.

As Levy explains:

“A devastating fact: long-term social isolation elevates our risk for long-term psychological effects such as PTSD and depression. Introspection through journaling allows us to process emotion in real-time, making it an effective tool to help manage loneliness, depression and post-traumatic stress systems.

This is why we created Inside Journal. To combat potential trauma by providing an accessible resource. It’s part free-write, visual, and survey. This sum documents your moment for others to draw parallels and contrasts, measure mood and, be an immediate resource.”

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