Artist Spotlight: Joshua Hagler

A selection of paintings by artist Joshua Hagler. Hagler moved from California to New Mexico in 2018 as a grant recipient of the Roswell Artist in Residence Program and has since made New Mexico home. Self-directed research and travel are key aspects of Hagler’s work and how he integrates creative influences with life experience. ​Check out more images below as well as his poetic manifesto:


presence over message
seen into, not looked at
contact over “dialogue”
an end to political language
skepticism toward in-group consensus
neither resistance nor capitulation
don’t sit where you’re not wanted
your legs will need to be strong, which is good
because they are
self-exile from all tribes
poetry over theory
intention toward over concept about
what is revealed over what is thought
meaning a meaningless game
if its not soulful, don’t do it
if it’s expected, don’t do it
identity as what ineffably surrounds, unasserted
self as vessel for, not as source of
disintegration of the familiar order
submission to time
to remember time beyond the human scale
authenticity in movement
no more need to impress or justify
you never proved anything
because there is nothing to prove
and no one to prove it to






















Joshua Hagler’s Website

Joshua Hagler on Instagram

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