“La Kaz” by Fabien Vilrus & Nicolas Guichard

Currently based in Paris, photographer and filmmaker Fabien Vilrus and fashion designer Nicolas Guichard return to their home island of Réunion for the making of their collaborative project, “La Kaz”. Translated to “home” in Reunionese Creole, “La Kaz” is a series of photographs shot by Vilrus and styled by Guichard, that document the local culture, architecture, and Guichard’s S/S20 collection.

The images were shown in a recent exhibition curated by Juan Corrales at Balice Hertling in Paris. Exploring and questioning the access to creative domains in the visual arts for the native people of Réunion Island, “La Kaz” offers an insightful and beautiful portrait of a place and culture not widely understood by France and the Northern Hemisphere.

See more from “La Kaz” below!

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