“Ragga” by Photographer Pascal Vossen

Dutch photographer Pascal Vossen currently lives and works between London and the Scottish Highlands. His ongoing project, with the working title “Ragga”, follows the daily life of Tommy, a young Swedish man struggling to adjust to fatherhood amidst a landscape of economic downturn and a challenging past. Loosely translated to “rebel against”, the Swedish word ragga is derived from raggare—a Swedish youth working class counter-culture, inspired by 1950’s American pop culture and the greaser archetype.

“To some he might be the embodiment of European white ‘victimhood’, fueled by bigotry, empowered by nationalist politicians praying on the likes of him,” explains Vossen.  “Without a doubt he is a product of his environment, but above all a young person trying to find a sense of belonging. In many ways the subculture provides individuals like Tommy with a mutual identity and a means to show their disapproval of a society that generally wants them to conform.

Being a father myself has made me more interested in the wellbeing of Tommy’s children. I wonder how he will balance his life choices with fatherhood, and if his destructive lifestyle will continue into the next generation.”

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