“Queer Skateboarding” by Photographer Ross Landenberger

For the past three years, Atlanta, Georgia-based photographer Ross Landenberger has been photographing queer skateboarders around the United States and in England, exploring the subculture that has become a new paradigm for diversity and acceptance in a predominantly masculine sport. Only in recent years, Landenberger explains, has this intersection between skateboarding and queerness emerged:

“Growing up queer around skateboarders, it was apparent that as a subculture they opposed many aspects of tradition and popular culture. Skateboarders support alternative timelines. They are not living for birth, marriage, reproduction and death. From my observation, skateboarders are living for something other than longevity; they are living with the urgency of now in mind. Skateboarders, much like queer people, are living a life unscripted by tradition. However, skateboarders fail to support this comparison because of the ingrained homophobia and sexism within the sport.”

With “Queer Skateboarding,” Landenberger documents this intersection in hopes of empowering marginalized people—“to show them that they are not alone in trying to carve out a place for themselves in an activity or subculture that was created without them in mind.”

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