Artist Spotlight: Ana Medina

A selection of paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Ana Medina. Inspired by what she loves, Medina’s work captures contemporary genre scenes of family and friends, going about their daily lives. Working from photographs of spontaneous moments, Medina opens up a dialogue about how we care for one another and why we interact in the ways that we do. As she states further:

“In the age social media my works also celebrate how we now constantly share the sentimental mundane of every day. With the current overabundance of access we have to each others digital photo albums, a new generation has been made to feel that they have to make every moment iconic — that their life needs to be bigger, better, and more beautiful than everyone else’s. I hope to remind people through my work that every little simple moment that is spent shared with each other is already perfection — no filter required.”

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Ana Medina’s Website

Ana Medina on Instagram

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