Photographer Spotlight: Matt Dunne

Offering a glimpse of the world through his eyes, Melbourne, Australia-based photographer Matt Dunne pares his surroundings down with his camera, finding what he describes as “the smallest part of the whole that excites me.” His black and white photographs are attentive to the intimate details of the world around him, paying careful attention to the ways in which we, as humans, interact with the natural world.

“We make a dizzying number of choices that, inevitably and unpredictably, change the world for the plants and animals in it,” he explains. “Put up a fence, toss a plastic bag, rehome a bird or build a path here (but not there) and the ecosystem shifts and changes. The more I think about it, the more I feel that the distinctions between things (human/nature. build/grown, us/them) are out-dated and pointless, so I like to challenge those ideas a little bit with my images – is the animal strong or fragile? Is the tree resilient or dying? Are we caring or harmful? I hope there can be some respect and redemption in my photos.”

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