“Reliving Girlhood” by Photographer Andriana Nativio

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, photographer Andriana Nativio grew up surrounded by femininity—her mother had six sisters and each had daughters of their own. Her summers were spent traversing the lakes, creeks, rivers, and woods of Northeast Ohio with her cousins—“while exploring together, we wanted to claim these spaces and make them ours; landscapes we wandered were transformed into our own world, a world that was just girl and just us.”

Her series, “Reliving Girlhood,” follows young sisters Jae and Jeni, who Nativio met while passing through LaFollette, Tennessee, on backwoods adventures reminiscent of her own childhood experiences. “Reliving my girlhood is impossible,” she explains, “but the camera allowed me to come as close to doing so. Both observer and participant, my adventures with them traversed through the lush woods and dark waters of their imaginations and the landscape of my childhood memories.”

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