Artist Spotlight: Eve Saint Jean

A selection of paintings by Montréal-based artist Eve Saint Jean. Interested in the archetypes that shape human existence and form the basis of our societies, Saint Jean’s work involves complimentary methods of deconstruction and dialogue — that is, breaking down visual figurations or moral ideals into abstraction, and exploring the interplay created from such transformations.

“The notion of dialogue is translated in my creations by the exploration of the echo that is created between figuration and abstraction, the digital and the material, the thoughtful and the spontaneous. To do so, I mix different artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing and 2D animation. Visually, the pictorial techniques I use play a catalytic role in the pursuit of my approach. I pay particular attention to shadows and light, both rival and complementary, but also to colors, rich in their symbolism and emotional sources, without forgetting the composition, which structures both the work and my subject of the artwork.”

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Eve Saint Jean’s Website

Eve Saint Jean on Instagram

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