Artist Spotlight: Devra Fox

A selection of recent drawings by San Francisco-based artist Devra Fox. Interested in the various transformations we undergo and witness on a daily basis, Fox’s work is an exploration in physical and emotional progressions (both great and small) as well as our inability to control them. Her drawings question what remains once these changes come to an end and the attachments we form to places/objects/routines in response to our inherent powerlessness over the process. As she states further:

“My work is often driven by the impulse to animate my internal state, seeking understanding by creating palpable forms of sentiment, memory and relationship. I return over and over again to the repetitive, meticulous, and meditative practice drawing provides. The current climate demands a greater outward awareness while granting an opportunity for singular introspection. I aim to combine these states, creating art that extends from personal to universal, giving tangible presence to the inanimate.”

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Devra Fox’s Website

Devra Fox on Instagram

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