The Billion Seconds Institute: A Collective Learning Network

Since 2015, our friends at IAM have organized annual conferences and brought together all kinds of artists, designers, strategists, researchers and policy makers for different projects. Their aim has always been to create spaces to share ideas and imagine better futures together. I was one of the speakers at their very first conference and there was such a diverse group, with so many different perspectives, I came home feeling like I was seeing the world with new eyes. It’s been exciting to watch them evolve and I know this past year brought a lot of changes.

The organizers are now launching The Billion Seconds Institute. If you enjoy exploring the space where art and technology meet and/or you’re concerned at all about the future of our planet, this might be for you! If it’s anything like the conference we attended, it will be mind-expanding. Head over to their Kickstarter to learn more.

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