Artist Spotlight: Michael Gac Levin

A selection of recent drawings and paintings by artist Michael Gac Levin. Emerging from an iterative drawing practice guided by impulse, humour and accident, Gac Levin’s work revolves around a small group of visual elements — pears, candlesticks, a dagger, a kitchen table and chairs — that he sketches repeatedly in a small notebook:

“Under the sway of chance variations, unconscious desires, and intentional choices, these elements mature with each successive bit of work. They change internally and also in relation to one another, like members of a family. As they change, I feel them approaching truths that I can’t verbalize. They point backwards and forwards simultaneously. Backwards to the deepest recesses of my memory, forwards to some waiting revelation, full of promise.”

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Michael Gac Levin’s Website

Michael Gac Levin on Instagram

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