Artist Spotlight: Matthew Bainbridge

A selection of recent drawings by UK-born, Amsterdam-based artist Matthew Bainbridge. Bainbridge’s work explores the superficiality of surface with imagined landscapes that are as deep as they are “dumb.” Reacting to in-the-moment emotions, we are confronted with scenes grappling with the wider weight of the world while appearing purposefully over-saturated and impossibly plastic:

“Collective longing is found within the drooping of a flower, and wistful boredom in the bending of a root; familiar, organic lifeforms, twisted into personhood by the wanting hand of the artist. Always present is an all-seeing moon—sometimes an eye, transfixed, unwaveringly—as omniscient as a god hanging luminous in the sky.”

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Matthew Bainbridge’s Website

Matthew Bainbridge on Instagram

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