“Light Spreads Out Forever” by Artist Lindsey Kircher

A collection of bold paintings by Virginia-based artist Lindsey Kircher. Kircher’s work tends to explore themes of self-discovery and transcending the limitations of gender and the body. During this past year in particular — a time of increased uncertainty and introspection — Kircher has continued to focus on “resilient female protagonists who reflect the bravest version of my inner self.” Empowered by their environments, Kircher’s figures are depicted in moments of rapture, traversing mystical and primordial ecosystems with confidence and curiosity. As she explains:

“Longing for connection with communities and environments that have impacted the development of my personal mythology, I build these saturated landscapes from memories of places that I hope to revisit. Plants and animals are rendered as defined, sculptural forms, exuding the same clarity with which the women navigate their terrain. Repetition in patterns of scales and tentacles appear as individualized details that emphasize the resoluteness of the work.

Approaching this work from an environmentalist and feminist perspective, I explore connections between women and nature. A wariness about anthropocentrism and climate change has led me to work with acidic, unearthly colors, that suggest both a psychedelic paradise and a post-apocalyptic planet. These women could be the first people on earth, or the last. Their solitude frees them from self-consciousness, liberating them to celebrate the capability of their strong, sensual bodies.”

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