“Falling” by Photographer Gabby Laurent

London-based photographer Gabby Laurent invokes the act of falling as a space to contemplate ideas of control and fate in her new photobook, “Falling” (Loose Joints, 2021), and accompanying exhibition at Webber Gallery. In a series of choreographed motions inspired by the visual language of feminist and performative art practices, Laurent considers the line between relinquishing and maintaining control, as she photographs herself mid-fall.

“A fall from grace, falling asleep, falling pregnant, falling in-line or falling apart: falling is an act both comic and tragic, full of loss and willful abandon, an act repeated throughout our lives.” As she reflects on personal situations of bereavement and new life, Laurent’s performative falls offer a space for self-reflection, “allowing her body to repeatedly give way to gravity and create a visual space to contemplate time, fate and circumstance.”

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