Artist Spotlight: Sean Downey

A selection of recent paintings by Iowa-based artist Sean Downey (previously featured here). Downey’s work collapses space and time as he explores of our relationship to screens as well as the screen’s relationship to (and origins) in painting. Sourced from spaces built in virtual reality, Downey collages together disparate forms, subjects, and images before processing them through the handmade realm of painting:

“VR spaces are treated as a still life or landscape that can be returned to repeatedly throughout the process, adjusted, and mined for visual information to serve the needs of the analog painting process. The confusion and distortion of source imagery has also become a way to keep my approach and response hovering in an abstract space even as the images remain for the most part recognizable. This in-between state seems to mirror my own experience, as a consciousness attempting to sift through and make sense out of a nonstop onslaught of thoughts, memories, and experiences.”

Check out more of Downey’s work below!



































Sean Downey’s Website

Sean Downey on Instagram

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