Artist Spotlight: Remus Grecu

A selection of recent work by artist Remus Grecu. Inspired by cinema, Grecu aims for his paintings to appear as moving stills that offers a similar sense of mystery and adventure. In this way, Grecu explores themes of magic, isolation, ritual, religion and social corruption, with the intention of generating questions rather than revealing any answers. As he states:

“I’m not interested in representing ‘per se’ the subject from within my paintings, as much as I want to veil it under a certain kind of haze and a poetical whiff. There is also the point of not making a series of paintings with the same conclusion. I’m not interested in creating ‘partial’ works that have to be seen through a series of paintings. Each painting has to have it’s own self-reliant entity, therefore it should be unique and not related to a pair or more…. After all, the subject is in the eye and mind of the viewer, the artist should deliver veiled subjects and mystery through his work”

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Remus Grecu’s Website

Remus Grecu on Instagram

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