Photographer Spotlight: Miki Frances-Sankhāra

Born in Canada, raised Italian, and of Trinidadian descent, Toronto, Ontario-based photographer and filmmaker Miki Frances-Sankhāra’s work centers around subjects of the anthropocene and cultural hybridity. “My upbringing made me fascinated with cultural motifs and symbols,” he explains, “and the ways in which they bleed into personal storytelling; I largely build my art practice around these themes and I love seeing how they appear against the backdrop of both natural and constructed worlds.”

After completing a research degree in history and anthropology, Frances-Sankhāra wanted to take what he had learned in the classroom and develop an art practice that confronted these concepts and their relationship to climate change. “When building projects, I like to work with narrative devices; telling a story of individual events or people, and positioning those stories as a point of exploration for the various cultural and social dimensions that exist around them,” he describes.

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