Photographer Spotlight: Cory White

A selection of images by Melbourne, Australia-based photographer Cory White. A self-described “walk ‘n’ shoot kinda guy,” White explores the world around him with his camera, treating his practice as a visual journal of sorts. He is drawn to the details of the Australian environment—often cherry-picking moments that elicit an atmosphere of nostalgic attraction.

In addition to his daily practice, he also works in longer form projects, which are essentially a deeper dive into ideas that stem from his journal. “I often find an image speaks to me and I follow a thread,” he explains. “Or I set parameters that allow me to make images in a more deliberate way.” Much of his work relates to his fascination with bodies of water, as both a community conduit and a place for personal respite and solace. Limited by strict lockdowns in Melbourne this past year, he has found solace in his local beach, continuing to make work near home “as a way to connect to my community and see the immediate world with clarity.”

See more from Cory White below!

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