Artist Spotlight: Narbi Price

Newcastle, England-based artist Narbi Price connects with the past through his paintings. Visiting and painting the sites of historical events, Price attempts to slow down his experience. “The paintings are slowly constructed, built stroke by stroke, resulting in an image that functions in a different way than a photograph,” he explains.

“The history leads the painting. When I visit a site, I have to paint whatever I find there, history is random. To misquote Larkin, ‘something, like nothing, happens anywhere.’ The viewer isn’t initially aware of the history of the place they’re looking at, but hints in the title will allow them to piece it together. Or not, each site holds innumerable histories that will remain unknown.”

See more from Narbi Price below!

Untitled Fences Painting (Tempelhof)
Untitled Bench Painting (Lockdown)
Untitled Pride Painting (Stonewall)
Untitled Barrier Painting (Westerplatte)
Untitled Windows Painting (Les Halles – for Tony)
Untitled Wall Painting (Gold Rush)
Untitled Yard Painting (Harold)

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