Artist Spotlight: Alina Grasmann

Alina Grasmann is a painter based in Munich, Germany. Working mostly in large-scale oil paintings on canvas, she is interested in the architecture of North America, which she likens to a stage set: “Many places there seem familiar, as if we had already seen them a thousand times before, and yet they always remain, from my European point of view, a little alien as well.”

Devoid of people, her interior and exterior landscapes blur the line between fact and fiction, exploiting oil painting’s capacity to simultaneously construct and dissolve illusions. “I want to keep it uncertain whether the depicted locations actually exist or not and my resulting pictures show scenes that are unfamiliar and reproduce reality only at first glance,” she explains. “The longer you look at them, the more uncertainties creep in and the more manipulated the view that is offered appears. What I want to show is not a real place, but a place that could be – created between reality and perception, which never becomes completely superimposed here because of the disruptions applied in my paintings.”

See more from Alina Grasmann below!

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