Artist Spotlight: Fenna Schilling

Fenna Schilling is a visual artist living and working between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Collage permeates many aspects of Schilling’s creative practice, from her visual art to her DJ sets. “What both my visual and my sonic collages have in common is that I’m fascinated by tension between the familiar and unfamiliar,” Schilling explains. “I like to play with pop elements, images from nature or snippets from famous paintings, and juxtapose them with colours and unidentified shapes. I like creating atmospheres that are soothing and vibrant, but there needs to be a dark undertone in all my work.”

“My style is quite distinctive, but it has versatile applications: my work has been used in various art, illustration, and design contexts. I create intuitively, using a process of manipulation that results in imagery that feels dreamlike and uncanny. I am planning to develop and expand my practice, integrating new techniques into my work and experimenting with the creative possibilities offered by the medium of collage.”

See more from Fenna Schilling below!

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