Artist Spotlight: Ykha Amelz

A selection of work by Indonesian artist Ykha Amelz. Despite graduating with a degree in architecture, Amelz decided to pursue a career as an illustrator in 2008. Her love for her dog awakened her nostalgia for cartoons and comics which became the main inspiration and turning point for her illustrative style. In 2013, Amelz started to doodle her cheeky french bulldog, Babbot, into comic panels. While initially a coping mechanism for escaping frustrations at work, her doodles took on a life of their own and have lead to exhibitions, a book, and requests for collaborations from clients around the world:

“I always wanted my art to be able to make people smile, forget about their problems even for just a second and just be a happy kid. Drawing Babbot did that.”

Ykha continues to turn her feelings into colourful adventures, expanding her family of playful characters and, most recently, extending that creative passion into the world of NFTs. Check them out below!















































Ykha Amelz on Twitter

Ykha Amelz on Instagram

Ykha Amelz on Lynkfire

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