Artist Spotlight: Mona Broschár

A selection of recent paintings by Leipzig, Germany-based artist Mona Broschár. Drawing from the flashy aesthetics of consumer and pop cultures, Broschár creates what she describes as “shiny and voluptuous image worlds.” “My paintings are meant to invite virtual consumption,” she explains, “but leave the viewers alone with their desires, because they can only look, not touch.” Through plastic painting, she transforms everyday objects and situations into highly artificial, desirable, and sometimes sexualized objects. She elaborates:

“I often focus on a very specific motif, which I constantly reduce and in which I bundle our everyday abundance and speed of information in order to be able to control it, at least for a moment. At first glance, my motives may seem playful, but this is precisely where I locate their provocation. In the reduced pictorial worlds, I confront the supposedly harmonious favor with its abysmal and gloomy downside: the voluptuousness of human desires.

See more from Mona Broschár below!

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