“Dreamer” by Photographer KangHee Kim

A beautiful collection of images from Seoul-born, New York City-based photographer KangHee Kim (previously featured here). Drawing from her ongoing project, “Street Errands,” Kim’s new book features a series of collaged photographs that merge street scenes from New York with places she’s traveled throughout the United States. Due to restrictions on her VISA status, Kim is not able to leave the country if she wishes to return to the U.S. and has not been back to South Korea for over ten years. However, rather than fixating on the constraints of her situation, Kim’s work is all about transforming everyday experiences and the freedom that comes from creating surrealistic or fictional images through her photographs:

“They start from mundane encounters on everyday errands in New York, and by manipulating these images I construct my own form of surreal escapism. The manipulation of these scenes introduces infinite possibility, free from the limits or restraints of real life.”

See more images from “Dreamer” below or check out her book, available now through London-based publisher Setanta Books.

























KangHee Kim’s Website

KangHee Kim on Instagram

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