“Where I Was Born” by Photographer Lisa Bukreyeva

A beautiful project by Ukrainian photographer Lisa Bukreyeva. Born and raised in Kyiv, Bukreyeva started taking pictures in 2019. Her work focuses mostly on street and documentary photography as she is drawn to the connection between people and the environment in which they are in. Bukreyeva has been working on this particular project for almost two years:

“It’s a pretty personal project that shows my perception of where I was born. I was not limited to Kyiv, because we are formed not only by our immediate surroundings, but also by the country as a whole. Now I’m even more sensitive to this project because many of these places could be destroyed forever. And now it is not just a series, but a thread to my past and my memories.”

See more images from “Where I Was Born” below.

































































Lisa Bukreyeva’s Website

Lisa Bukreyeva on Foundation

Lisa Bukreyeva on Twitter

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