“A bloom in the eye of the storm” by Guillaume Tomasi

In his most recent series, “A bloom in the eye of the storm,” Montreal-based photographer Guillaume Tomasi (previously featured here) grapples with the impending repercussions of climate change through the eyes of a father. Navigating our contemporary reality as a parent to young children, Tomasi wonders: “How do we grow up in a society that constantly reminds us that our way of life is leading us inexorably to our loss?”

“Through the gaze of a father towards his children, ‘A bloom in the eye of the storm’ focuses on the inner conflict they unconsciously experience as they try to develop their identity in a society that is slowly dying. By directing the camera into the intimacy of the family, I photograph the world that I try, like any parent, to keep peaceful and caring for my children. However, while we continue to blindly enjoy our daily routines, the climate changes we are facing are darkening this harmony like a threatening storm.”

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