Photographer Spotlight: Fred Lahache

A selection of new work from photographer Fred Lahache (previously featured here). Drawn to compelling narratives and dynamic juxtapositions, Lahache is a keen observer of the landscapes and the people he captures. While currently living in Paris, these images emerged from a recent trip to New York City. Taken in the vein of traditional street photography, Lahache’s underlying intention was something of a personal experiment: to find peace of mind due to feelings of emotional fragility.

“The Big City is said to be the capital of anxiety. Not exactly the best place I could think of, to escape my own trouble. But there I was. A bit lost, of course. How did I end up here? A kink for chaos? Or was I supposed to just dump mine there and leave? During my short visit, I captured fragments of the general mood. Or maybe was I drawn to some kind of mirror effect.”

See more images from “Angst and the City” below.





























Fred Lahache’s Website

Fred Lahache on Instagram

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