Photographer Spotlight: Joseph Bui

A beautiful series by Houston-based photographer Joseph Bui. Drawn to stories that explore the relationships between people, community, identity, culture and the theme of “home,” Bui’s work is informed by the personalities and perspectives of his subjects as well as their relationship to the environments they inhabit. This has led him to working on projects about the Queer Community in Waterville, Maine and, most recently, his own family in Houston, Texas. The photo book and series, “I Love You. I Miss You. Have A Good Day.,” is titled after the short phrase Bui’s mother would say to him before she left for work — words that have now become something of a prayer for him. His intimate collection of photographs similarly capture the rich narrative of family bonds and the passage of time:

“My father is a handyman.
He can fix anything around the house.
He has a stern face.
A man of few words.

My mother is a hairdresser.
She cuts our family’s hair in her small salon.
She has a gentle face.
A charismatic woman.

They are my world and more.”

See more images from “I Love You. I Miss You. Have a Good Day.” below.















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