Artist Spotlight: Kyle Austin Dunn

Oakland, California-based artist Kyle Austin Dunn explores the versatility of lines — the many ways in which they can be both used and interpreted — in his elaborate, colorful paintings. “One use is as a tool to turn an abstract thought or impulse into a concrete impression,” he explains. “In many cases, line work requires deliberate thought from the viewer to interpret.”

With his own work, Dunn is interested in our varied responses to a single formation of lines or shapes — “the ways in which humans can have the same universal and automatic response to certain visual cues (as in the case of optical illusions), while in other cases interpret the same linear form in very different ways depending on personal biases.” The resulting paintings are meticulous webs of color and form, applied thickly in several layers to stretched canvas to create sculptural forms that shift depending on the perspective from which they are viewed. 

See more from Kyle Austin Dunn below!

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