Artist Spotlight: Randy Laybourne

A selection of recent work by artist Randy Laybourne (previously featured here). While Laybourne’s typical process involves drawing spontaneously in ink and working at a size that can be scanned easily, the past two and a half years of pandemic life have given Laybourne the time to go a bit bigger, as he explains:

“In this collection the smaller ink drawings aren’t preplanned. That is my usual process. Just start and see where it goes. With the larger and watercolored pieces, I actually pencilled the image first, inked and then watercolored. As I progressed in the work, I switched over to a finer pen to let the colouring be a bit more evident. Another difference from my standard practice was that I made the colours a bit more true to life. What I tend to do is how ‘Of This’ is painted, where I just apply colour loosely and freeform.”

See more images below.



























Randy Laybourne’s Website

Randy Laybourne on Instagram

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