Artist Spotlight: Andrew Rice

Salt Lake City, Utah-based artist Andrew Rice repurposes old comic book imagery in his recent series of collages, “A Future We Were Promised. A Future That Never Came.” Drawing mostly from the comic books of his childhood, the finished collages are imbued with a sense of nostalgia. “I am drawn into the youthful optimism the comic book imagery holds,” he explains. “This idea of the future we were promised. A future that never came.”

Rice’s background in printmaking is apparent in his collage-making process, from the layering and texture-building, to the meticulous cutting and placing. “It is not as important to me at the moment to make my own, unique marks, but rather use a visual catalog that already exists to create a new piece,” he says. “An author, or poet rarely creates a new world, but can still tell an entirely original story with the words available in their language. I am looking at collage in a similar way. Using the images that are already at my disposal to tell a new, but familiar story.”

See more from Andrew Rice below!

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