“Out of the Shell” by Artist Elena Bansh

A dreamy series of drawings by Italian artist Elena Bansh. Currently based in London (but sometimes in Japan and South Korea), Bansh takes inspiration from daily life as well as her experiences travelling the world. Having lived in Japan from September 2017 to April 2019, Bansh experienced firsthand the disadvantages of living in a country where one is not easily understood and cultivated an interest in the absurd as a result. An absurdism which led to memories blending between fantasy and reality, between being human and not:

“The incapacity of communicating with someone else represents not only a focus but also the contour of a conflict between the self and the other. A fight which I translate through dreamlike atmospheres where no one is ever fully human, and no one is ever fully understood.”

See more images from “Out of the Shell” below.















Elena Bansh’s Website

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