Artist Spotlight: Gabe Langholtz

A selection of recent paintings by Austin, Texas-based artist Gabe Langholtz. Drawing inspiration from folk art and American Color Field painting, Langholtz’ paintings feature mundane cultural objects and activities rendered in his signature style, with a focus on color relations, pattern-making, form and line, with a heavy emphasis on the two-dimensional surface of the canvas.

Throughout the painting process, Langholtz likes to challenge himself by disrupting the routine—“I do this by periodically manipulating the surface texture of the substrate with modeling paste, resin, sand, acrylic polymers, and/or the layering of paint (and of course, pentimenti when things don’t go as planned),” he explains. “I prefer for the terrain of the paintings to feel noticeably worked over, and unarguably like something I’ve spent time with.  If you absorb the terrain, you can visit me in the studio, constructing, deconstructing, and reconstructing something that’s hopefully unique and desirable.”

See more from Gabe Langholtz below!

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