“Maison de paille” by Photographer Jeanne Castonguay-Carrière

Intrigued by the details surrounding our daily lives, Montreal-based photographer Jeanne Castonguay-Carrière describes her identities as mother and woman as foundational to her creative practice. Her ongoing series, “Maison de paille,” addresses the idea of environmental legacy, contemplating the impact that her generation, and those that came before, will leave on the environment and future generations. She elaborates:

 “From a very young age, we educate our children on global ecological issues. New generations must now live with the weight of this knowledge, of seeing the planet crumble before their eyes, the feeling of having to save it, and helplessness in the face of a disaster too great for their small bodies. Since we put our children in an impossible position of saviors, is giving birth a selfish act? Inspired by my daily life, the places I visit and my family experience, I look at these fine and poetic tensions between humans and their environment, on the fragility of our Home.”

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